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The Proven Crowdfunding System For Launching Products, Raising Millions, And Scaling Brands Using Indiegogo And Kickstarter.


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Mark Pecota is the CEO and Co-founder of LaunchBoom. LaunchBoom partners with entrepreneurs to test product viability, launch through crowdfunding, and scale through ecommerce. Started in 2015, LaunchBoom has quickly become the leader in the industry - launching hundreds of products and raising millions. Both Indiegogo & Kickstarter, the world’s top crowdfunding platforms, have recognized LaunchBoom as a Certified Expert. With millions of advertising dollars under management, Facebook has recognized LaunchBoom as a Preferred Marketing Partner.

“The Internet is riddled with one off information on how select campaigns succeed, but this book goes over the exact framework LaunchBoom has used to successfully launch hundreds of campaigns.”

– Scott Adamson - Founder of Kickbooster


Broken down into five sections, you’ll get a deep dive into the exact system LaunchBoom has used to raise millions.

  • LaunchBoom System
    • Learn why crowdfunding is the best way to launch physical consumer products today
    • Adopt the “Test, Launch, Scale” framework for scaling your brand
    • Understand the “Four Horsemen Of Traffic” to prioritize your marketing efforts
  • Pre-Launch
    • Build rock-solid product positioning with the CBBE Framework
    • Use Facebook advertising to build a Reservation email list that is 30x more likely to buy
    • Create a high converting campaign video & campaign page
  • Launch
    • Hit your funding goal in the first 24 hours
    • Scale your campaign using Facebook advertising
    • Tap into extremely low cost PR & promotions to boost your campaign

  • Transfer to Indiegogo InDemand to raise even more money after your campaign ends
  • Use BackerKit to upsell more product and manage your fulfillment easily
  • Get paid and fix failed payments
Next Steps
  • Adopt a long-term mindset for building your brand
  • Transition to Shopify to continue to scale your product
  • Repeat

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